Louis Armstrong, mid-1960s (Photograph by Jack Bradley)

The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc. was founded and funded by Louis Armstrong in 1969 to give back to the world "some of the goodness he received."

The Foundation is dedicated to perpetuating the legacies of Louis and Lucille Armstrong throughout the world with the following initiatives:

  1. Foster programs, workshops and lectures in schools on the history of music education, as well as supporting access to instruments and scholarships.

  2. Assist and contribute to schools and libraries for events and programs designed to educate students about jazz.

  3. Sponsor programs at all school levels to aid students in developing musical skills.

  4. Support music therapy.

His will left the estate and Foundation to his beloved wife Lucille

For more information about the Louis Armstrong Education Foundation please contact:

Jackie Harris
P.O. Box 3115
New York, NY 10163-3115
Email: permissions@louisarmstrongfoundation.org

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